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Tuesday, April 18, 2017, at 7:00PM

Bert Yetman - Mike Golas - Dawn Golas









Hear what it is like to fly “the missile with a man in it” from pilots who flew it operationally. The panel is two pilots who each claim to be the “World’s Greatest Fighter Pilots.”

Bert Yetman – jointed the USAF at age 19 during the Korean conflict and was a Control Tower Operator prior to pilot training. He went on to fly F-86’s, F-100’s, and F-104’s. During Vietnam flew A-37B’s for ten months and 248 Combat Missions. He spent the next ten years in Germany where he taught 7 NATO countries nuclear weapons in the F-104. Upon retirement he became a Demo Pilot for Cessna Citation, corporate pilot for Rohr Industries, Airline pilot Suadi Air and then Southwest Airlines where he retired at age 60. He now flies a 1946 Super Swift at NW Regional Airport.

Mike Golas – was in the 6th class at the new Air Force Academy. After graduation he went into pilot training and became the “Worlds Greatest Fighter Pilot” flying F-4’s for two and a half tours in Vietnam and Thailand. His next assignment was at Luke A.F.B. training NATO pilots in the F-104. He also taught basic fighter maneuvers to new pilots in the AT-38. His last assignment was in the OV-10 in Germany and George A.F.B. Ca. After retiring he worked for General Dynmics/Lockheed Martin.

Dawn Golas – former Machinist and Aerospace worker for Lockheed in their NATO F-104 pilot training program at Like A.F.B. Az. She worked in Maintenance Debrief with two F-104 flying Squadrons and the German staff. Assisted with Investigations and record research following aircraft accidents and incidents.

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